Thursday, July 22, 2010

{Thrifty} Thursday: Christmas in July, tutorials, Inspiration, and Giveaways----{continued!}

Let the thrifty crafting continue! This little guy just broke my heart today. He was supposed to be a whole snowman stuck to a piece of foam tape in there with snow to shake around but he dropped his hat and {his nose fell off} he even lost his grip to the tape....very {sad} Soooo I rescued him! I cut a hole in the back and stole everything out of it. Rebuilt him on a a card with some of that white mulberry paper. I couldn't let him get too hot {I live in Florida after all} so I let him take his snow with him.... on his hat and his "feet". {but I saved you some in the prize pack!}

Don't forget to comment on both thrifty thursday posts for two chances to win the goody {bag} Contest ends monday at 3:00p.m. We have some cards and a great organization post for you tomorrow! See you later {alligators!}


  1. Thats so sad he fell apart but you did an awesome job rebuilding him on the card!

  2. So sad that it fell apart--esp. since we live in FL with NO SNOW! Such a great card though:)